Who We Are

Rockway is built with the same principles required for climbing success, attention to detail, quality and passion. While safety is the number one priority of the gym.

The construction of the building is based on the highest international safety regulations. The entire construction of the climbing walls and the placement of the safety mats were made by the largest company in Europe, Walltopialtd which has built some of the biggest gyms and ChrisSharma’s new gym, SenderOne. Walltopia has specially trained personnel responsible for the construction, maintenance and warranty of all construction. According to the above criteria climbing activity becomes accessible to the public.



Campus training is undoubtedly one of the best ways to empower you. It is a powerful means of gaining speed and accuracy in motion. It is not recommended for beginners and climbers who climb under 2-3 years!


CrossFit is a training system. It is directly related to the ten attributes that define the level of fitness: Accuracy, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Agility, Stamina, , CardiovascularEndurance, Speed, Power, and Strength.


Climbing is one of the most typical sports that requires the assembly of many different personality features to optimize performance. These may be from the physical state to the psychology, perception, but also of the trainee’s soul.

However, in this article we will refer to a small but integral part of the physical state, which is the power and, more specifically, the special force. Some general training features of the power are that it is divided, as stated above, into general and special strength training. Also according to the basic principles of training and in particular the principle of progressivity (from simple to complex, from easy to difficult, general to specialist, etc.), general training must be preceded by special training. In this way we will have the best possible result reducing the chances of a possible injury.

In particular fingerboard workout is a form of special training aimed at strengthening the fingers.

The basic handles to be applied are illustrated in the following pictures.


It is a small climbing wall equipped with grips and presses arranged symmetrically. This has the effect of repeating exactly the same movements both on the legs and on the hands in identical grip and footprints. It also offers many benefits if the wall tilt can be adjusted (0 – 40 degrees). The range and type of grippers to be used are related to the weaknesses and the level of each climber. It is important to note that the more variety we have in the grip and the grip, the more benefits we will have in the end.

Benefits – Programming

The benefits of this form of training come when it is systematic and based on the principle of progressivity after a few weeks.

Inclusion in training can take place at any time and at any time after we find some weakness (eg, technique, resistance, coordination, etc.), since it will solve basic problems that in turn will help improve performance through automation of traffic.

Below we will refer specifically to periodicity but generally 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks would be a good time so that the first benefits come. While maintaining competencies once a week is enough.

Top Rope

Route climbing involves two ways, top rope and head. In both climbing ropes the climber is always tied to another person who is insured from the ground. In the case of the top rope, the rope also passes through a lock at the top of the route, providing greater climb safety by eliminating the distance the climber can drop. As with bouldering, top rope is an absolutely safe and enjoyable way for beginners to focus on climbing and the technique required.



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