Our Coaches

The staff of the gym is responsible for ensuring compliance with safety rules by all its members, thus ensuring a pleasant environment for everyone. All areas of the gym are air-conditioned.

Beyond security we have invested in climbing walls so the gym can offer beginners and advanced ones. The 300 square meters of walls contain all the morphologies that may exist in the external environment, positives, negatives, ceilings, cutouts and dihedra. We have purchased thousands of grip from the best manufacturers such as HRT, LAPIS, AIX, VOLX and others.

However, our biggest trump is our team, which is not only capable but also passionate enough to convey the secrets of climbing. Whether you are looking for an alternative way of training or are already engaged in rock climbing, Rockway is the place where your goals are achieved.

Rock Climbing Instructor Ε.Ο.Ο.Α.

He began climbing in 1991, after 2 years of intensive engagement with the sport he made some of the most difficult climbing routes in Greece. It then created many new fields by opening hundreds of routes across the country.

The great passion and love of sports led him to take up education from 1996 until today. He participated in the Pan-Hellenic Climbing Games (1st to 3rd place). He also undertook several climbing competitions in the Pan-Hellenic Championship and in recent years he has been involved with Bouldering opening fields all over Greece.

Learning Basic Technical Climbing

He was born in Livadia in 1984 and at the age of 10 he began climbing and snowboarding at the HFC. Livadia. At the age of 12 he took his first championship in the category of children in racing climbing.

Since 2000, he has won 5 Greek Cups in climbing, 6 bouldering championships, 8 Greek championships, 4 bouldering cups and 4th place in a Balkan championship. She has also participated in 5 world youth championships and in 2009 she took part in a bouldering world championship in the men’s category in Austria.

He opens his first difficult 8a-9a + scoring runs in Kalymnos in 2007. He has climbed many routes in Kalymnos and abroad (Spain, France, Italy) by scoring routes from 7a-8c.

Teaching Basic Technical Climbing

He was born in Athens in November 1986 and started his climbing field in 2007. In his first steps he was engaged in sport climbing, and from 2010 onwards he deals exclusively with bouldering.

Since 2010, he has often traveled abroad (Switzerland, Italy, etc.) with a view to broadening his horizons in the field of bouldering. Also, he is making bouldering efforts in Attica having climbed first (FA) over 60 problems at level 7A – 8A + / B.

It maintains an account at vimeo ( where the latest problems are recorded to spread new routes and mobilize the thriving climbing scene.

Rock Climbing Instructor Ε.Ο.Ο.Α.

He has been practicing systematically since his seven years. He began his practice of climbing in 1995, at the age of 19. In 1999 he was honored by EOOA. (Hellenic Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) for the new route “In Memory” in Skolio Olympou. It has many difficult routes in Greece and abroad (France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain) and a multitude of new alpine, traditional and sports routes to the Greek mountains and rocks. Its action covers the entire spectrum of rock climbing (trad / sport / alpine / bouldering). Since 2004 he has been intensively involved in sportsclimbing and bouldering, climbing difficulty routes up to 8a and problems up to Font 7a +.

Educational Experience: Rock Climbing Instructor EOOA the Rock Climbing Schools for beginners and the middle level of the EOS of Athens and the “Base Camp Kotronaros” from 2005 to the autumn of 2015. Responsible instructor of climbing and sports for the children MultiActivityCamp in “Livadaki Forest Village” in 2010 and from 2012 until 2015. Trainer at RockwayClimbingGym from November 2015.